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Whether you are a start up with a fresh business idea or an established company wanting grow your business using the mobile channel - we can be your mobile app development partner building and supporting your mobile app. With our technology expertise, user centric design, iterative testing we make sure your mobile growth strategy actually works for you.



From Jellybean to now Oreo, we have our expert Android team designing, developing, and deploying Android apps for a range of devices. Android commands the mobile ecosystem with more than 3/4th of all the smartphones in the world, which makes it hard to avoid while planning to expand your customer reach.



Using Swift and Xcode we develop native iPhone apps that custom made keeping in consideration the specific design and development guidelines of the iOS platform. We make sure the apps not only get approved but also ranks high in the app store with the right ASO (App Store Optimisation) strategy.



We have the expertise in building multi-platform mobile app solutions for both Android and iOS devices. Using React Native and ionic we make apps that run smoothly on multiple platforms. Cross platform apps enable businesses to accelerate the process of building apps across different platforms with the possibility of reusing of the code between them.

Why Amazecodes?


Platform Expertise

Developing mobile applications for iOS is very different than for Android and so is the case with creating cross platform apps. We have teams who come with the right experience and expertise that each of these platforms need..


Collaborative Culture

We work closely with our clients. Clear communications and updates are integral part of our agile development methodology resulting minimal in building quality products.


Quick Turnaround

Our agility to support rapid development and changing plans helps us adapting to changes in business requirements.


Proven Track Record

We have successfully built apps using various types of integration technologies, infrastructure platforms for starts ups as well as established companies across geographies.



Signing an NDA to protect our client’s business ideas to building the apps with security in mind to avoid any instance of customers security breach is always a priority.


Flexible Engagement Models

To meet client needs we provide both of these engagement models: Fixed Timed Fixed Price and Time& Material.

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