Connecting system, processes and people with Internet of Things

IoT: Driving innovation, optimization & automation

IoT is transforming businesses across industries worldwide. Implementing IoT Solutions can be complex, time-consuming, expensive and needs multi-platform expertise. To have a smooth functioning IoT solution, every layer of IoT technology stack – device hardware, software, communications, connectivity, cloud platform, and cloud applications should work cooperatively.


The Value of IoT

Much of the value of IoT lies in the information that can be captured with connected devices. The captured information allows businesses to:

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    Transforms business processes and be more efficient

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    Understand customer behaviour and provide a better experience

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    Improve decision making with augmented intelligence

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    Identify problems early through predictive analytics

At Amazecodes, IoT implementation is a staged process.
Here is at a quick glance on how we go about it.

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    We try to understand your business processes and business pain points.

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    Analyse the existing setup to formalizing business use cases and requirements.

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    Create prototype evaluating the feasibility of our solution design and Create an IoT roadmap.

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    Our development team designs the most relevant IoT solution that compliments your architecture.

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    Deploy the solution with security, scalability and the expected outcomes in mind.

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