Delivering value faster with AGILE

Adopting Agile Framework and Mindset at Amazecodes

At Amazecodes the Agile manifesto and principles guide us towards building better products in a more efficient way.

The 4 core values on which Agile principles are based are:


Individuals and interactions over processes and tools


Working software over comprehensive documentation


Customer collaboration over contract negotiation


Responding to change over following a plan


We believe that having an agile mindset is as important as following the agile methodology. Hence our organization culture is focussed in nurturing a mindset that is open to transparent and clear communication, collaboration, flexibility, exchange of constructive feedback and is adaptability to change.

Agile framework at Amazecodes

Based on project need, we follow different agile frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, XP (extreme Programming), FDD (feature driven development), TDD (test driven development) or Lean.


Here is a quick glance at our scrum project workflow:

  • how-we-work-1

    A backlog gets created for the Scrum.

  • how-we-work-1

    During the planning phase, tasks, goals and a timeframe gets added

  • how-we-work-1

    The project is broken down to sprints of one to two -week periods.

  • how-we-work-1

    During each sprint, the team has daily meetings to discuss progress.

  • how-we-work-1

    At the end of each sprint, a sprint review meeting is held.

  • how-we-work-1

    The lessons learned in each iteration are captured in sprint retrospective.

Agile Practices At Amazecodes

Adaptive Planning

Evolving projects that face changing conditions need project plans that are responsive. By managing changes through adaptive planning, we provide an effective method of planning and tracking project progress

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration (CI) involves producing a clean build of the system several times per day. This accelerates the flow of development work overall and encourages more feedback between the development team and customers.

Automated Testing

To keep pace with the latest software development technologies testing needs to be done faster than development and hence needs automation. Amazecodes leverages Selenium as a tool of choice for automated testing.

Continuous Deployment

We have standardized and automated our application deployments to match the speed of application development.

Code Refactoring

Refactoring is the practice of continuously improving the existing code base, without changing the existing product behaviour. With refactoring, we make sure the code quality is constantly improved.

Sprint Retrospective

In a sprint retrospective, the team reflects on what happened in the iteration and identifies actions for improvement going forward. Sprint retrospective helps us in continuously improving our processes, quality and customer satisfaction.

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